Student support

For nursery students to adapt to school life as soon as possible, we have arranged adaptation week for new students and welcome meeting for their parents. Parent can learn more about our school there and, in turn, help students to settle at school.

We have also arranged activities for upper kindergarten students to familiarise themselves with Primary One school life. Through simulation classes, students can learn more about the learning model of primary schools. Besides, site visits will be arranged and sharing sessions from former students will be organised to alleviate the level of stress and anxiety of our students.

Social worker service

There is school-based service provided by social worker to support children’s growth needs and development that identify children and their families in need in an early stage so as to provide appropriate counselling and referral services. Provide emotional support and parenting education for parents. Establish healthy relationship within families and promote family harmony.

On-Site Pre-School Rehabilitation Services

Professional teams comprised of Speech Therapists, Occupational Therapists, Physiotherapists, and Special Child Care Workers work together and endeavour to provide a wide spectrum of child care services, targeted treatment programmes for children with special needs.Provide on-site professional consultation services and demonstration, talks, workshops and seminars for teachers.

Support for non-Chinese speaking students

We provide support for non-Chinese speaking students by helping them to learn Chinese more effectively in a multi-cultural and harmonious environment. We offer various learning models and activities for students in need and enhance communication with their families.

Interview with Non-Chinese speaking children,
the school can arrange interpretation and/or translation services for the
applicant if needed, or parents can accompanied with their relatives and
friends who understand Chinese to help and communicate with the interview.

(Provide Cantonese,Mandarin and English for interview)

If any questions, parents can contact our
school at 2623 2911 or email to
[email protected]