Bilingual (Cantonese, English) learning environment

To provide a bilingual learning environment for children and help establish their foundation in bilingual communication, there will be a Native English Teacher in class every morning. We believe that this can enhance children’s interests towards English and provide more opportunities for them to communicate in English. Children learn phonics from K1, and through stories, games, music and other elements.

Character Building Picture Book Scheme

The school curriculum is based on picture book stories, which aim, through engaging text and illustrations, to integrate learning content into daily life, and improve children’s literacy and language skills. The picture book stories used teach children important life lessons and help them develop positive values. To broaden the children’s view of the world, the school regularly takes them on various interesting and fulfilling activities outside the campus to enrich their lives with positive experiences.

The Boys' Brigade, Hong Kong - Anchor Lamb

A section of the Boys’ Brigade (Anchor Lamb), founded by the Christian Uniformed Group, is now open for registration at our school. Through religious studies and religious character education including bible teachings, character development, bible verses, prayer and exercise, every child can now learn about faith from an early age, receive character-building training, learn self-discipline and self-care, build up a positive attitude and good character traits, and learn about the community and spirituality.

Specialist Teaching


In order to provide our students with a better language demonstration, our Specialized Mandarin Teacher has been appointed to teach our students through dialogue, reading, singing and games. Our students learn various vocabularies related to their daily life and it helps enhance children’s interest in learning Putonghua.

Physical Education

Professional physical fitness coach has designed a learning process which is suitable for the physical development of children. All physical activities will be held in a fun and interactive way.


The music curriculum is designed by our specialized music teacher. To cultivate the creativity and the music perception of students, different musical elements are included in their music lessons, such as, singing, music appreciation, rhythm and creative body movement.

Free Play

Children can decide how to play, choose everything for play– tools, playmates and interest areas in ‘Free Play’. Children engage themselves in the whole process of play. They have opportunities to plot, control and construct anything by themselves.The activities designed by children and based on their own interests are always interesting, changeable, and flexible. Children are also able to discover themselves, affirm themselves, and build community relationships on their own.

Multi-Art Activities for Whole-day Class

Our specialized teachers carry out diversified art activities every afternoon, including jazz dance, musical instruments, English fun and reading week to enhance children’s creativity and cultivate artistic sentiments.