Our curriculum adopts a “children-centred and learning by doing” approach and focuses on providing lively and interesting learning experiences that encourage students to explore with their five senses. It aims to induce children’s motivation to learn and “learning to learn.”

Learning through games to stimulate students’ learning incentive so that they can grow in knowledge, skills and attitude proactively.


Our native English teachers design interactive games, music activities and role plays for children to learn English with fun; while our professional Mandarin teachers helps students learn Putonghua happily with nursery rhymes, speeches, stories and games. Our teaching staff are always striving to do better for our students so as to set a good example for them and equip them with positive values.

Character education

Character building in kindergarten is crucial for children to develop basic moral judgements, acquire positive values and life attitude and build a healthy self-image. As part of the holistic education, students also learn how to interact and relate to others with respect and care in order to become a good citizen in the future.

Religious education

In Matthew 19:14, Jesus invited children to draw near to him, showing that children are close to the heart of God. With this in mind, our school prioritises children’s spiritual growth since we believe it is God’s mission for us. With the Bible as our blueprint, students learn about the truth through the morning prayers, hymn singing, Bible stories and other activities. Every year we have Christmas and Easter celebrations, as well as religious week; students are encouraged to learn and practice the biblical truth in their daily lives.

Specialist Teaching


In order to provide our students with a better language demonstration, our Specialized Mandarin Teacher has been appointed to teach our students through dialogue, reading, singing and games. Our students learn various vocabularies related to their daily life and it helps enhance children’s interest in learning Putonghua.

Physical Education

Professional physical fitness coach has designed a learning process which is suitable for the physical development of children. All physical activities will be held in a fun and interactive way.


The music curriculum is designed by our specialized music teacher. To cultivate the creativity and the music perception of students, different musical elements are included in their music lessons, such as, singing, music appreciation, rhythm and creative body movement.

Everyday English Learning

Besides learning English with our Native English Teacher, there are on-site English teachers in our schools. They have worked together to design appropriate learning content according to the developmental ability of children at all levels. The lessons will be mainly in whole-class and small groups. We aim to conduct interesting English activities and create an English environment for students, which helps enhance their English abilities.

Free Play

Children can decide how to play, choose everything for play– tools, playmates and interest areas in ‘Free Play’. Children engage themselves in the whole process of play. They have opportunities to plot, control and construct anything by themselves.The activities designed by children and based on their own interests are always interesting, changeable, and flexible. Children are also able to discover themselves, affirm themselves, and build community relationships on their own.

Drama education

With the aid of fun and interactive settings, teachers and children can role play and learn by performing in a “theatre”. Children can get creative and imaginative, learn to solve problems and express themselves in a performance. Through these activities, students can grow in storytelling, language usage, creativity, collaboration, communication, problem-solving and self-esteem.

Multi-Art Activities for Whole-day Class

Our specialized teachers carry out diversified art activities every afternoon, including jazz dance, musical instruments, English fun and reading week to enhance children’s creativity and cultivate artistic sentiments.