Our school is built upon the love of Christ for the spreading of the Gospel, aiming to nurture our students in faith and love. We are deeply convinced that Christian education is holistic and can help students grow in truth with a godly understanding of life and virtues. Students can have a balanced development spiritually, morally, intellectually, socially and aesthetically. In order to cultivate students’ learning interest and unleash their potentials, we are committed to building a healthy, positive and cheerful learning environment.

Based on the “Pre-Primary Education Curriculum Guide” designed by the Education Bureau, we focus on providing lively, explorational and interesting learning experiences that match with children’s growth and developmental needs. Students are encouraged to be curious and enjoy the process of learning and exploration. We prioritise “creative learning”, “character education”, “English & Mandarin activities” and “spiritual education”, so children can grow in games and develop their creativity, problem-solving skills, communication skills and ability to adapt. To prepare them for their primary school life, we also provide opportunities for upper kindergarten students to develop their self-care ability and basic life skills.